About Rates

This page doesn’t actually list rates because I find that each project, like each person, is unique; each has its own issues. For this reason, I prefer to quote each project separately. My rates take into account the specialized demands of scientific and technical writing and editing.

However, I know from my own experience as a customer that this approach can be frustrating when you’re trying to choose a service provider. So here is a hypothetical example.

Consider a highly technical paper by a non-native speaker of English that runs 20 pages (in a standardized format of 12 point Times Roman font, double spaced, with 1-inch margins) with a couple of figures and a couple of tables. An in-depth edit—one that considers (1) the overall organization and effectiveness (including effectiveness of figures and tables); (2) the details of completeness, consistency, and correctness; and (3) adherence to a specified style—could cost something like $500-$700. A lighter edit, concerned only with items 2 and 3 in the preceding list, might run more like $250 to $350.