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A month in the life of a science writer and editor

In lieu of posting individual projects, here’s a typical sample of the range of work I do. In the last month, I wrapped up short- and long-term projects on the following topics:

  • Viability of lodgepole pine forests after fire and beetle damage (writer, research highlight)
  • Research on advanced hydraulic fluids (bylined writer, 3700-word semi-technical article)
  • A novel method for desalination (ghostwriter, journal article)
  • Simulations to guide energy-power-cost tradeoffs in development of new battery materials (editor, substantive reivew of journal article)
  • Ion-beam experiments on how interactions between protons and neutrons determine the shape of atomic nuclei (editor, proposal)
  • Gas chromatography to determine parts-per-billion impurities in hydrogen gas (editor, commercial application highlight).

Whew. But I love it! I always say, the more technical it is, the better I like it.