I help very early-stage ventures articulate the building blocks of their ventures and thus lay a foundation for communicating with other professionals as they move into marketing, branding, IP, web design, and investor presentation.

    Representative domains:
    • trend forecasting
    • manufacturing support
    • code optimization

Analysis & Synthesis

I call myself a “synthanalyst.” In this role, I organize more than words. I can add value to any project that involves discovering, learning, structuring, and communicating complex content.

    Representative projects:
    • user requirements
    • database development
    • manipulation and management of text data in Excel


I excel in explaining complex topics in clear, concise summaries, working independently with minimal input from busy subject matter experts.

    Representative products:
    • press releases
    • meeting summaries
    • research highlights (e.g., for institutional web sites or annual reports)
    • grant proposals
    • employee profiles
    • process documentation


I restructure content so the logic is clear and data are presented to best effect. Technical material is welcome! I also polish details and follow publisher’s guidelines.

    Representative products:
    • journal articles
    • presentations
    • conference proceedings
    • multi-author documents
    • proposals
    • books
    • newsletters
    • user manuals

Communications Support

I provide professional-level communications support for complex projects.

    Representative projects:
    • web content reorganization and migration
    • professional meetings and workshops (websites, registration, participant communications, reports)